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In the SML space $5M - $ 50M in revenues Business owners constantly ask how do they create the greatest value in their business so that they can exit their business on their terms.  In order to improve it's Performance you must understand the stage of the Business Life Cycle that your business is in.  The Bay State Consulting Group, Inc. is a Business Consulting Firm  that provides Consulting, Executive Coaching, Interim CEO / COO assignments and Turnaround services to both performing and underperforming companies. Our targeted market focuses on small to medium size businesses whose sales revenues range from $5M to $50M.  We help our clients achieve quantifiable results, as well as, sustain long term structural and financial health.  We do this by blending both strategic and tactical initiatives to achieve pre-agreed to operational and financial goals.  Please visit  Services  for additional information.

A majority of our Clients recognize that their businesses are either under-performing or in a turnaround situation - where Crisis Management is the rule - on occasion they can tell us WHAT they want to do, but rarely are they able to tell us HOW they want to proceed or even WHERE to start. HIGH IMPACT issues - yielding the greatest return in the shortest time period - are virtually unknown.

Our ability to evaluate the "Performance Cycle" and Business Phase of our clients businesses allows us to introduce practical initiatives and solutions that are both tested and  tailored to address the particular needs of their enterprise.

Because we understand the increasing pressures arising from competitors, market conditions, banks, and creditors, we also recognize the absolute need to apply practical and timely solutions to assist our clients sustain the overall performance of their business that avoids the turnaround crisis.

Our success has allowed us to develop a reputation for Excellence  in Business Consulting, Executive Coaching, Turnaround Management, & Interim Management assignments at the - CEO, COO level.


We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in several ways: 

...  and because we are committed to customer satisfaction our first and foremost differentiator is that we guarantee our services.

So whether  your business is performing, under-forming or in a turnaround situation, we can help identify, prioritize, and focus on those issues that are contributing to the under-performance of your business. Our efforts will result in increased sales, profitability and if necessary, the recapitalization of the business. 

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