Hard Work & A Successful Turnaround
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Turnaround Management
If your business has declined from performing to under-performing or even turnaround, we will help you return your business to structural and financial health by following a proven process:
Our nine (9) step process is elegant in its simplicity.  We work with the key decision makers including bankers and creditors to transform your business back into a performing entity.  
Process steps include:  

  • Stabilize the business
  • Manage Cash Flow
  • Diagnose the Operating Problems
  • Reorganize your Business around 
    Profitable Business Units
  • Prepare a Turnaround Plan
  • Restructure & Consolidate Debt
  • Execute the Plan
  • Grow and or Exit your Business

Based upon our clients needs we can complete the Turnaround Plan or in some cases assist our client complete their Turnaround Plan.