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Executive Business Coaching

We work with Owners, Presidents and Executive staff members to improve operational performance and generate increased profitability.  We achieve this in ways that are simple, powerful and practical.

Our coaching efforts assist management to leverage its resources from both an organizational and structural perspective.  We do this by integrating three (3)  fundamental aspects of every business regardless of size, complexity, or industry.  The three areas include the Strategic Direction of the business, the Alignment of structural resources within the business and acquiring or developing the Competencies within the business to execute the articulated Strategy. 

Our Coaching Model may include one-on-one coaching sessions at the senior levels and or group coaching sessions.  The sessions address specific needs that have been identified by either the principals through an organizational assessment or through individual assessment instruments, such as 360 feedback, DISC, or Caliper. Agreed to  goals are documented and monitored to measure progress and achieve the desired results.  Often times the areas to be addressed include performance improvement in functional business areas, such as strategic planning, channel management, new product introduction or acquisition of skills, such as leadership, influencing others or  behavior modification.. 

The coaching sessions are designed to improve the Owners or CEO's / COO's ability to lead and improve the overall performance of the organization.

Other programs that are offered include Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Budgeting, Break-even Analysis, Competency Evaluation, Succession Planning, Sales Coaching, Process Mapping, Metric Development and Business Planning.

The ability of the senior leadership to introduce and lead change within a structured framework instills confidence within the business and motivates individuals to perform at higher levels.